Hear what our clients have to say...

I have been regularly going to IFS for the past 4 years and it has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  At the age of 38 I noticed that my body was changing in ways I didn't like and I felt I needed to dedicate myself to a healthier lifestyle.  I had never been to a gym before and was too intimidated to go.  Friends recommended IFS to me and I'm so glad I finally got over my fear of going to the gym.  Bill is my personal trainer and is truly great.  He is knowledgable, friendly and encouraging.  He makes me feel like he is truly invested in me and that I'm not just another client.  Fast forward 4 years and I look and feel better than I have in the last 20 years!  Going to IFS is a joy as the other clients there are like minded and really like family.

This past year I had a very rare and very aggressive lung infection that put me in the hospital for a few weeks and resulted in life saving lung surgery.  When I got home from the hospital Bill came to visit me and brought me lunch, (healthy of course!).  My infection and surgery was severe and my surgeon told me that if I hadn't been healthy and in good shape prior to my illness I likely wouldn't have made it.  Ill never be able to thank Bill enough for that.

If you are considering a healthier lifestyle or aren't happy with your current fitness level, I would highly recommend using IFS!  My family and I are very grateful that I didAmit Tandon, MD



"I have really enjoyed working out with Bill. He has always been very interested in understanding my goals and designing programs that are focused on achieving them. A big reason why I have stuck with it this time is that I am seeing the results. We also have a great time when I am working out. He makes it fun. For a lot of people, myself included, it is difficult to stay motivated to get in the gym. It can be so intimidating to go into a big weight room in a crowded gym. That is one of the other unique benefits of IFS. It is very intimate in your facility. There are usually one or two other people in there, which is perfect. Everyone is friendly and considerate. It feels like a family."
Greg Guy, President Air Force One

"IFS is appropriately named. Bill and Talitha’s service is focused on an individual approach to fitness. They analyze the individual’s unique needs and objectives. And they then design the exercise regiment that works. They are dedicated to their profession and work hard to keep their programs fresh. "
Bob Walter, Founder and Former Chairman & CEO Cardinal Health

"My training sessions with Bill and Bill W have allowed me to transform my physical and cardiovascular profile. With their help and guidance, I have lost more than 45 pounds, completed four half marathons and decreased my body fat in half. Today, I am in the best shape of my life and am currently training for a full marathon and hope to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I have always been somewhat of an athlete but it took working with IFS to realize my full potential. I would not be where I am today without their help and encouragement. "
Andy Mitrey

"My biggest personal achievement was overall feeling better about myself and that I was doing something for me that could only help my physical and mental health. I really like the personalized experience that comes from having a trainer, because I know that I would not do it on my own! Personally, I was able to reverse my bone density (osteopenia) and that meant that it was obviously worth all the sore muscles and sweat! Yeah! Thanks to Talitha and the IFS Staff."
Grace Fox, Interior Designs

I have been an IFS client for about 5 years and it has been the longest time that I have ever committed to any exercise program! In most of those programs, I easily lost motivation or became totally bored! Talitha has managed to keep me inspired and physically fit, while becoming a good friend! I was so impressed with IFS that I got my husband to also join and we enjoy working out together."
Sue & George Carpenter, Retired couple

 Melissa is a patient teacher.  I'm not conversant in 'gym-speak,' so when I hear exercise terms like 'oblique crunch,' I just think of breakfast cereal. Melissa's helped me overcome my knowledge gap and has taught me through demonstration and plain English how to do an exercise and why I'm doing it.

It's obvious Melissa cares about her clients, She knows when to nudge me when self-doubt or the pain of exertion hold me back. She keeps tabs on me both during our sessions and with texts outside the gym checking on my well-being or aimed at motivating me to do my homework. She's helped me set goals and mark progress toward them. 
After six months of working with Melissa, I'm down six inches in waist size, off my cholesterol medications, had my blood pressure medications drastically reduced, and my A1C results are once again safely below the 'pre-diabetes' threshold. Friends and family ask me, 'How'd you do it?' I typically answer with, 'Eat less, exercise more. Oh, and, hire a trainer.' 
Jason Mather


"My sessions with Talitha changed my life. I exercised regularly before I hired her by either running or weight training, about five days a week. However, I didn’t realize until I worked with Talitha that my workout routines really were not even helping me with my fitness goals. I wanted to tone my abs, my stomach, and my butt (don’t most women?) But, I wasn’t even working those muscles! And, even worse, I was actually doing a few of the exercises incorrectly, making myself prone for injury. Talitha developed a routine just for me, based on my fitness level and my objectives. We went through each exercise, step-by-step until we both were assured I had grasped the concept and was performing it correctly. Not only is Talitha knowledgeable, but she is very motivating! She constantly encouraged me and made me feel proud of myself, not only for what I was doing at that moment, but what I have already accomplished. She had a gentle way of correcting me when I was not executing the proper technique. I never felt scolded or demeaned. Everyone can benefit from visiting a personal trainer, even if it is just one session! I highly recommend Talitha and Individual Fitness Solutions. You won’t find a better trainer, and better service, anywhere! "
Tracy Reedy

"My experience with Individual Fitness Solutions has been great! Lisa is patient and encouraging and fun to be around. She keeps the sessions from getting boring and keeps me motivated and I enjoy coming into the gym because everyone (trainers and clients) are great. I feel like I am getting some of my old self back and it feels great! Lisa feels like a partner in the process and that is something I’ve never experienced before. Even my husband comments on how good this has been for me not only physically but mentally. It is so different from being just another number at a gym."
IFS client Sue L.

"I began working out with Talitha almost two years ago, and shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I worked out with Talitha during my entire pregnancy and felt comfortable knowing that she would work within my limitations. With Talitha's help, I have lost all of my baby weight, and she continues to push me to my potential. I know from experience that with the support of Talitha and IFS, you can reach any goal you set for yourself."
Laura Smith

"Bill and Talitha Helmling provide a very friendly and effective environment to reach your fitness goals. I lost 20 pounds by participating in the work-out they provided and changing my eating habits. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs a good place for fitness knowledge, motivation and attention. Also, they are all just nice people!"
William Green, Ostrander, Ohio

"I am writing this letter of testimony to you and to Bill for the outstanding service I have received from your company for the past 2 years in my endeavors to become “fit” and lead a healthier life style.
When I came to IFS, I had worked with other personal trainers at other gyms in the Dublin and surrounding areas, and had been a part of many exercise programs in the community for several years. I just had not found anything I could stick with or that could motivate me with excitement and enthusiasm.
A physical checkup in 2006 and a weight gain of more than 20 pounds in one year prompted me to seek out yet another personal training company. I knew of IFS through friends who had spoken well of the program, so I called and made an appointment. I said I was interested in working with someone who would take me seriously not only with a workout, but who could teach me about diet and a healthier living style.
Talitha was open, honest, and ready to give me what I considered to be a breath of fresh air in the world of exercise. I started immediately and did what I was told. The results started to show quickly and to fast forward through the past 2 years of working out 3 times a week, I have lost over 25 pounds at IFS, learned how to eat healthy without starving, improved my well being mentally, I can work out in a safe and peaceful non-judgmental environment, and today truly love my new muscular body at the age of 49!! I even ran my first ever 5K in 2007 with Talitha by my side! What trainer is willing to run with the student!! Wow- that was awesome!! She did that on her own time too!!
Today, my whole family is a member of IFS and we love coming there and we love Bill and Tabitha and the entire team. It is worth every penny to have a better life today. We could not have done it without their help and guidance. We truly appreciate them as professionals and friends today."
Brigitte, Kevin, and Kyle Mills